Travelling and Leisure – Cruising Is the New Safari

It is known all over the world that if you want to see the world’s finest wild life, Africa is the best destination. This has been the trend for decades but what if you are travelling not only for pleasure but leisure, is there an option for you?Leisure is a period where you are free and you use this time to do something you love that is a hobby. Free time can range from minutes, weeks to months and if travelling is what you love to do during your free time then going on a cruise is the best thing for you. If it is your first time to be going on a cruise do not worry because there are steps that you can follow and if you do you will be just fine.Decide on your destination
Decide where you want to go and after making up your mind on where you want to go you should decide on which ship you will want to take. Remember cruise ships are not like airplanes in that they can follow different sea routes and can make stopovers at several wonderful islands.When do you want to go?
Time is money in short the season you take your cruise influences the costs. The high seasons mean many people but do not expect any bargains but if you go during the shoulder period when the cruise companies are pleading with you and shoving bargains on your face, you will save some good money.Choose your cruise line
Which cruise line makes you comfortable? You should choose a line whose passengers are compatible with your character. Remember you will be together for some months so choose wisely and do not let experience become your best teacher.How much does it cost?
Get to know all the costs including those of moving to and fro from the main port. Also get to know the cost of the drinks, food and excursions.Do not wait till the last minute
There are people who like doing things the last minute. Do not wait till the last minute to book because cruise ships usually give their notice early enough and you know what they say about the early bird, it surely catches the worm.Time is obeyed everywhere
That is right, arrive early because ships have a time table that they adhere to strictly so do not get late the ship will not wait for you. Speaking of time it is also good that you book in advance any services that you will want to enjoy on the ship for instance spa services. This is because there are many people who want the same and without an appointment you might just miss out.Seek professional advice
Before you go out at sea please seek advice from experts. The expert in this case is your travelling agents before you let them book a cruise ticket for you ensure that they provide you with adequate information and after all is done, go home and start packing because you will be going on a long water safari.